Built-In Design Rules

The following is a list of design rules that Cadstrom has built in from popular PCB manufacturers.

Manufacturer Rule Set Name Description
DirtyPCBs dirtypcbs Two layer PCBs
Oshpark oshpark-2layer Two layer prototype and small run boards
Oshpark oshpark-4layer Four layer prototype and small run boards
SparkFun sparkfun Two layer PCBs

To use one of the built-in rule sets specify the value from the rule set name in the table as the dru field for the file in your edrc.yml. See here for more information.

Using custom design rules

Don't see your manufacturer in the list above? Don't fret! You can use any custom set of design rules to check your designs. See our guide here.

Suggest new design rules for Cadstrom

Are you a PCB manufacturer with a published set of Eagle design rules? Would you like to see your designs built into Cadstrom? Click here to drop us a line.