Collaborate with Confidence

Collaborate on GitHub
Cadstrom checks design rules on every change
Generate images of your PCB at each stage
Gerber files available instantly

Documentation Guides

Getting Started

Cadstrom is a platform that helps you collaborate with confidence on Eagle CAD hardware designs.
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Embed Board Images

Once your first build completes, Cadstrom will generate an image for every board file you declared. You can easily embed these board files into other webpages to quickly show people what your design looks like - without having to load it up in a CAD program.
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Setup Build Status Images

With Cadstrom, you can embed the live status of your builds into other websites such as Github or your company/project website. This simple picture teels the world that your designs are properly checked and links back to your build page.
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Setup Git and Gitlab

Learn how to use git and Github to store, version, and collaborate on Eagle CAD designs.
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Branch Build Flow

You push your code to git
Git triggers a Cadstrom rule checker
Hooray! Your checks pass!
Eagle outputs generated files
Cadstrom tells the team all is well